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The Two Silent Career Killers (Pt. 2)

How do we avoid stubbornness and complacency? A fellow photographer and colleague once gave me great advice: Treat every job as if it's your first one for that client.  It doesn't matter if you've worked with them 50 times before.” This can be applied to any profession,...

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a photo of the lobby of The Atrium office building in north Austin

The Atrium Office In North Austin

I recently photographed The Atrium office building which sits right next to the Chancellor Center in north Austin. I was given a standard shot list detailing everything needed. I arrived in the early afternoon and set up my tripod, light stand and two gear bags that...

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1901 Capital Parkway (For Aquila Commercial)

1901 Capital Parkway was recently renovated, its whole interior updated and it appears the landscaping is new as well.  Aquila Commercial sent me out to this property to document the changes for their marketing materials. This property is hands-down the coolest one I've photographed so far...

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