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City Of Austin/ICMA Editorial Photo Shoot (Pt. 1 of 2)

three city planners walking and talking

City Of Austin/ICMA Editorial Photo Shoot (Pt. 1 of 2)

Last week I completed a full-day editorial photo shoot for the City Of Austin and ICMA, which is a large association of government professionals. The purpose of the images was to create a catalogue of commercial-style photography for ICMA to use on their promotional material, as well as newsletters, blogs etc. The only other option for my client (ICMA) is to use stock photography which is often quite obvious and stale.

I met with the client at Austin City Hall and took about an hour to scout out locations and plan logistics. Aside from the City Hall, this shoot took place at several off-site locations, including a pool where a DPW worker was testing water, a police station and an Animal Rescue.

The first portion of the day was inside Austin’s City Hall. I staged some informal meeting photos outside on the City Planner’s balcony, and instructed the models on both where to walk and how to gesture.

a photo of Austin's city planners walking and talking three city planners walking and talking

I then took a bit of a more formal approach to get this portrait (below).  All of these photos aside from the one below were “staged” to some extent but were meant to look candid.

a portrait of Austin's City Planner


One more of a “candid” meeting.

three Austin city workers chatting with each other

Next we moved on to the lobby where I set up a photo at one of the new touchscreen kiosks.

a woman at an electronic kiosk touching the display

And another meeting inside.

three city workers in a room with glass walls having a meeting

The client needed a photo of the interior of Austin’s City Hall, which was perfect because of my background in architectural photography.


an inteior photo of Austin TX's city hall

Interior of Austin City Hall


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