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Austin Interior Design Photography Mini-Shoot

Austin Interior Design Photography Mini-Shoot

An interior designer client of mine recently had me come out to a beautiful west side Austin home and capture a few images of her recent work.

I could tell from the moment I parked that this would be a treat to photograph.  Beautiful oak trees lines the residential road which was full of nicely-kept mid-sized homes with large, green yards.


an interior design photo of the main/living room of a contemporary house

The main room

The bedroom was next, which I lit with several flashes bouncing off the wall to the left, with the lights turned off.  Afterward, I took an exposure with the lamps on which I later hand-blended into the main image, to control the amount of orange color cast they gave off to the rest of the room.

An interior design photo of a contemporary bedroom with wood floors and a grey carpet


The last thing I photographed was an entryway piece that the interior designer had imported from France for their client (the residents).  Instead of lowering my tripod, I took advantage of a function it has where the legs splay out wide horizontally, creating a very low base.  This was sufficient enough to get low to the ground without comprising the angle.  Hand-held flash was used to fill in the shadows on this dark piece.  The brass in it really pops from the shiny, black surface.



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