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Interior Residential Shoot for Lighting Design Company

a library of a luxury home with dark wood and a balcony

Interior Residential Shoot for Lighting Design Company

This summer I was contacted by a national lighting company photograph a large-scale lighting installation in an Austin residence. The images were to be used in their web site/catalog for marketing purposes.

The client and I spent an afternoon scouting the home, which was still under construction at the time. I took notes and tries to gather important information on which lights I should be focusing on.

When the first day of the shoot came, I arrived before sunrise to capture golden light coming over the hills, in through the bathroom window. The client’s lights were adjustable to color temperature and since they were set to warm, the sunlight was timed to reciprocate the warm yellow rays you see coming through the window.

An interior photo showing a bathroom with golden light coming through the windows

Before moving on I captured one more view showing the open bathing area (below). The view outside of the window was blank so I pulled a more interesting landscape from a different photo facing the same direction and placed in via Photoshop.

A high-end luxury shower made of white stone tile with windows

I rushed to the kitchen while I still had some of that nice morning light and captured the following angle which we had picked out the day before. Light was starting to come in, which was no issue since I had a pair of powerful B1 strobes with me. The light from the portable B1 strobes balanced out any stray light coming into the scene. The image below is a composite of 10 layers of exposure blended together. this was a large space in which my CamRanger came very in handy for having remote control of the exposure.

a wide angle interior photo of a luxury kitchen with light coming through the windows

I moved on and captured a few guest rooms, of which my favorite was the one below.

an interior photo of a guest room with a purple accent wall

The library in this home (below) was one-of-a-kind. The dark wood in this room (and theater) was the reason I used B1 lights on this shoot – they were powerful enough to light up even a room like this which tends to suck in light.

a view of tall bay windows in a home library

To switch it up a bit, below you’ll see an image from the home theater which we took on our scouting day. This was taken with several different color settings, purple being my favorite. The client ordered several variations of this image.

a recessed ceiling light in a home theater on a purple hue setting

Thank you for your interest in this photo shoot. If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can click here for the about section or here to contact us today.

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