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Commercial Real Estate Photo & Video Shoot – Barton Skyway

The front exterior of Barton Skyway at sunrise

Commercial Real Estate Photo & Video Shoot – Barton Skyway

Throughout late June into July, my drone operator and I created photography and video of a large multi-office park called Barton Skyway in west Austin. The shot list was long, and the days were hot but that did not stop our determination to show the property in its best light.

The property managers needed updated photos to show renovations and improvements made to the property. One such feature was a new covered area where employees are treated to daily food trucks (rotated for variety) with a shaded area to enjoy their meals.

An exterior photo of Barton Skyway during the day with people walking outside of it

People entering the side of a building.

a detail close-up of a stone sign with the Brandywine logo on it

A detail of my client’s logo which was not on the shot list.

I was able to get some interesting views from the parking garages as well as rooftops.

a detail of the top front facade of a modern office building

A unique view from the parking garage.

The property is comprised of four large commercial buildings. Due to the size, I got views from garages, building roofs and even from drone in order to capture as much as possible.

a panorama view of a commercial office building at twilight

Panoramic from a garage roof.

an elevated panoramic view of an office building and parking garage with downtown Austin behind it

Another panoramic from a garage.


an aerial drone photo of Barton Skyway in Austin, Texas

Aerial photo from a drone.

a lifestyle photo of people playing volleyball behind an office building at sunset

People enjoying the volleyball court, one of the many on-site amenities.

an interior lobby photo with people walking around inside

Lobby with lots of action.

a wide view of an office lobby with people sitting around, and talking

Staged lobby photo.

I also captured several twilight and dawn images of “hero shots” of the buildings.

a twilight photo of Barton Skyway's entrance in Austin Barton Skyway at sunrise from across the highway

Thank you for your interest in this photo shoot. If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can click here for the about section or here to contact us today.

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