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Commerce Center South

Commerce Center South

Commerce Center South is an industrial complex located in central South Austin. The photography was contracted by a local Commercial Real Estate firm needing images to showcase a new property.

I started with interior photos of a couple of the main buildings. Plenty of natural light came through the windows, which allowed for somewhat even exposure. Flash is typically out of the question with interiors this large, unless a reflective surface calls for its use. I was able to achieve several other interior images by blending only 2-3 exposures per photo.

an interior photo ofan industrial building in Austin, Commerce Center South

I spent the remainder of daylight timing the cloud cover with the right angles for daytime exteriors. This is multi-building property, many of the structures with their individual nuances.a daytime photo of Commerce Center South in Austin, Building 9

a daytime photo of Commerce Center South in Austin, Building 10

The drone operator and I captured a couple of high views showing the property in its entirety, one including a downtown view (shown below).

an aerial photo showing Commerce Center South in Austin

I always try to capture unique details of a property whenever full coverage is involved. I offered to photograph the loading docks for the client. I felt this was something that most photographers would overlook. This proved to be a worthwhile effort, as the client ended up using the image.

a close-up photo of a loading dock at an industrial building

Sunset/twilight as usual was a mad dash around the property, hitting all the best spots I’d taken note of throughout the day. Miraculously, I managed to capture almost everything I wanted in this time.

an artistic photo of a commercial property at sunset

Semi-aerial view of Building 8.

The side view showing all of Building 10 (pictured below) was my favorite angle from this shoot. The bright exterior lighting was toned down by aperture adjustments as well as some post processing/blending in Photoshop.

a twilight photo of Commerce Center South in Austin, Building 10

The final image of the night (seen below) was taken facing the direction of sunset, which provided a dramatic gradient even in the latter portion of twilight.

a side view of an industrial commercial building at twilight

Thank you for your interest in this photo shoot. If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can click here for the about section or here to contact us today.

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