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Aquila Commercial Corporate Office

a close-up photo of the lit-up Aquila Commercial logo emblem in their lobby

Aquila Commercial Corporate Office

In 2017 a long-standing client of mine Aquila Commercial had me photograph their Austin office where they conduct their commercial real estate business.

Based in Austin TX, Aquila Commercial firm that’s been in business since 2007.


I arrived around the time people started to clear out of the office and set up in the lobby. Aquila Commercial resides in Hartland Plaza, a large office complex in central West Austin with a very distinct Lone Star facade.

a photograph of Aquila Commercial's office lobby

Next was their conference room which boasted a spectacular view of the Austin skyline with the Lone Star emblem centered over the front.

a photo of Aquila Commercia's conference room, looking from behind chairs out the window

Next it was time to get another angle of the conference room.  Some glare flared up on the table but I was able to control the light enough to tone it way down.

a photo of a conference room showing a long conference table, window and television screen

The break room provided a nice contrast, and continued the blue/white color scheme which flowed through the entire office.

a photo of a break room in Aquila Commercial's office

The break room, again showing the iconic Lone Star facade.

At the client’s request, I grabbed a photo of the break room and made sure it was lit properly with my flash units.  It sure was dark in there, as it was coming to the end of the day so I upped the power quite a bit:a photo of a small office with a table/chairs and screenI thought it would be nice to get a few details up on the patio, and this one was my favorite.  I love how the palm trees stand out just over the rail.a close-up phot of chairs and tables on a brick patio at sunset.Lastly I circled back around to the lobby to capture one more detail for them – this was a lit up sign of their logo which hangs in the lobby.

a close-up photo of the lit-up Aquila Commercial logo emblem in their lobby


Thank you for your interest in this shoot.  If you’d like to see more similar work, you can visit any of the following links:

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