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Interior Magazine Shoot: Engaged Media

a living room wall full of picture frames and a bookshelf with decorations on it

Interior Magazine Shoot: Engaged Media

I recently was given the opportunity to photograph a very interesting home for Flea Market Decor, a magazine run by Engaged Media Inc.


Not only was it a bit different from my usual commercial subjects, but the home itself was owned and decorated by Jennifer Perkins, a creative crafter and host at the DIY Network on cable TV.


After looking through some of Flea Market Decor’s magazine articles and studying their style of photography as well as super-niche subject style, it all made sense as I stepped into Jennifer’s home.  Colors were abundant and every wall and surface with utilized in a fun, retro yet energetic kitsch vibe.  Jennifer offered me cup after cup of coffee as I began setting up angles to capture this unique home, which Jennifer decorates for every season.  I’m sure you won’t have to guess which season this shoot was for.

a gallery wall in Jennifer Perkins' house

Gallery Wall


I gathered from studying other articles in the magazine that most of their photographers used natural light, with just a touch of flash here and there.  Normally I use a good amount of flash, so emulating that style  took me out of my comfort zone a bit.  This however, is a good thing as it’s important to me to not get too stuck in my own ways and be limited creatively.

a living room wall full of picture frames and a bookshelf with decorations on it

The family room. I had to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve to battle the glare on some of the glass frames.

a living room decorated for Halloween

The living room

a detail shot of a fireplace mantel that is decorated with vintage masks

Fireplace mantel detail

a detail photo of a mirror with vintage masks on it

Detail – Mirror

I must admit that I took several shots of this shelf full of baby doll heads – I couldn’t get enough of it.  If you know me personally, then you know that I’m very drawn to the bizarre, dark side of art.  I filtered the lighting coming through the window to create some moody, creepy lighting.

a creepy baby doll head on a shelf

Creepy baby doll head shelf!

a one-point perspective photo of a wall with a child's portrait drawing and a decorative Halloween bowl


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