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Commercial Photo Shoot: East Austin Carpenters

Commercial Photo Shoot: East Austin Carpenters

I was recently contacted by East Austin Carpenters with the task of a commercial/editorial type shoot for their new web site.  I jumped at the chance, since this would be a bit different from my normal work photographing interiors and architecture.

I chatted for a while with the owner of the business, trying to get a feel for what his needs were and the style of images needed.  We scheduled for an early morning weekday shoot, and the very next morning I packed up my bag at the crack of dawn and headed down FM 71, an at times route that winds down through the Hill Country of west Austin.

I introduced myself to the crew and began setting up.  I was shown around at the fine work that EAC had done in an almost Prarie-style home that one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s pupils had designed.

First we started with an exterior

a photo of a house's awning

It was just early enough to where the morning light wasn’t casting harsh shadows

We moved on to some interiors

a commercial image of a wood door a builder installed in a house next to a marble shower

A detail of a door EAC had installed. One obstacle was that my off-camera flash caused a lot of hotspots/glare in the shower tile which I removed in Photoshop later on

Then we stepped outside and I began photographing the crew at work

a photo of a carpenter measuring a door outside

A candid of the crew at work

Candid of the crew

a photo of carpenters installing a door in a home

An action shot of the guys at work


a detail photo of carpentry tools on a wood table

A detail of some tools, I spread sawdust around the table for this shot. The client didn’t end up using it but I like how it turned out anyway.

Do you have work you’re proud of and need to show it to potential clients?  Contact Me and inquire about a project today.


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