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900 Congress Ave Photo Shoot

a sidewalk on Congress ave in downtown Austin

900 Congress Ave Photo Shoot

Not long ago I was commissioned to photograph the neighborhood surrounding 900 Congress Ave in Austin TX.

This shoot was a bit different from most commercial real estate shoots in that it mainly focused on the surrounding area rather than the building itself. That’s not to say that I didn’t photograph the building itself:

An exterior architectural photo of the 900 Congress building in Austin Texas

The exterior twilight shot

An interior photo of the 900 Congress building in Austin

The main lobby

Many of the images were lifestyle-oriented.

I provided an even mix of lifestyle and nightlife images.

A lifestyle photo of a man sitting at a table drinking wine at the Stephen F Balcony in Austin Texas

The patio balcony of Stephen F – Intercontinental Hotel‘s bar.

a detail shot of a glass of wine on a table

A bit closer, with a 50mm lens

I captured various angles from across the street of the building, this was my favorite.

the address sign of 900 Congress with a man walking behind it

Address sign

The law offices of Wright & Greenhill was used to showcase the nice view that the building offers.

an interior window view of a lawyer's office with the Austin Capitol building in the background

Because of the dynamic between the dark interior and bright sunny day outside, I blended a total of 15 exposures to achieve this end result. Many of these exposures had off-camera flash which I directed around the room to illuminate it further.

And a couple of more lifestyle street shots.

a sidewalk on Congress ave in downtown Austin

A street scene

a nighttime photo of the Paramount and State theaters in downtown Austin

The Paramount Theater at night

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