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Photo Shoot for Allied Outdoor Solutions

Photo Shoot for Allied Outdoor Solutions

I arrived at the residence just before sundown.  I had been hired to photograph a back patio area for Allied Outdoor Solutions, a local company that installs outdoor kitchens.  Having recently moved to Austin from Chicago, I was excited to have my first commercial photography gig in this new city.

I had a bit of issues getting a hold of the property owner, but alas he emerged from his basement and warmly greeted me.  The backyard was stunning – carvestone outlining the kitchen and pool area, and very nicely integrated grills and patio furniture.

No mind-blowing clouds this sunset, but the clear sky provided a crisp, clean background for this twilight shoot.

an outdoor pool at twilight

A view of the pool.

Whirlpool and lattice work

Whirlpool and lattice work

An outdoor kitchen with a firepit and lattice awning

Part of the outdoor kitchen



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