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1711 Cesar Chavez Austin Architectural Photography Shoot

1711 E Cesar Chavez in Austin

1711 Cesar Chavez Austin Architectural Photography Shoot

The East Side of Austin is ever-changing, ever-growing and that this time, it’s arguably the hippest part of the city.

I recently was put on assignment to photograph a freshly two rehabbed twin office spaces off Cesar Chavez, a street (also the neighborhood name) in Austin with a rich historical background that has more recently become a hub for bars, micro breweries, and brand new offices.

I arrived early, set up and took my time to figure out exactly which spaces would look the best, as well as determining the proper time for the lighting for each building as the sun made its way down to the horizon.

I began with interior photos, while there was still some light coming through the windows.

an interior architectural photo of an empty commercial space

Interior of Building A

As you can tell, the color of the light coming in from the windows was drastically different from the inside lights.  I balanced this out a bit by using some flash.  In the end, I liked how the inside lights added warmth regardless of the contrasting colors.


I moved on to exteriors, turning on the lights and waiting for the right moment at sundown when the lamps would give a nice warm glow to the structure.

the exterior of 1711 E Cesar Chavez in Austin

A twilight exterior

1711 E Cesar Chavez in Austin

A different, one point perspective.


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